Black Honey Benefits Health lovers, we need to know that there are many benefits of black honey that may not be known to many people.

Honey is effective in treating stomach acid, this is how the consumption Bitter honey is known by the name of black honey. Although bitter, black honey is no less popular with the ordinary honey.

The reason, black honey is rich in benefits for health. This is due to the black honey taken from the juice of the tree of the mahogany, which contain the substance of the alkaloids high.

The benefits of honey black The content of black honey make it taste more bitter than ordinary honey. But on the other hand, the content of this makes the benefits of honey for health is very good. What are the benefits of black honey to the health of the body? Refer to the descriptions below :

  1. Keep the immune The benefits of honey bitter the main thing is to keep the body’s immunity. By eating the black honey on a periodic basis, a person can be awake imunitasnya of the likelihood of developing various diseases.

Not only that, saponins on honey also maintaining stable blood sugar and reduce body fat. That is, black honey can also be used as an option when you’re on a diet, to get the ideal weight.

  1. Unclog blood circulation Flavonoid compounds in honey is also a fortress of the defense of the body from various diseases. In addition, flavonoids also beneficial in the circulation of the blood, reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, reduce the fat, and also as a source of antioxidants.
  2. To maximize the function of the pancreas The content of the substance chromium in black honey helps the function of the pancreas in producing insulin. Thus, the metabolism of blood sugar in the body can circulate smoothly. It also avoid a buildup of sugar or fat in the blood vessels.
  3. Overcome inflammation The substance of the alkaloids honey contribute to the benefits of honey bitter, especially in overcoming inflammation or inflammatory. When the inflammation is resolved, then the cells of the body can function optimally.
  4. Keep your stamina Hemoglobin is also important for the binding of oxygen in the body so that the stamina and vitality of the body to stay awake
  5. Can be consumed by people with diabetes Black honey can be consumed by people with diabetes because of the content of glukosanya low, while the content of alkaloidnya high. These alkaloids again help lower blood sugar levels.

Even in patients with diabetes who have impaired vision, the benefits of bitter honey one of them is to help normalize the opaque eyes. Not only that, the things that make people with diabetes are not as convenient as the frequency of urination excess night time can be slightly reduced by taking the black honey.

  1. Resolve joint pain One of the triggers joint pain is gout, and this can be overcome by black honey. The content of neutralizing the toxin in black honey can neutralize the substance of the purine that cause gout so that it can be removed easily through the kidneys.
  2. Treat ulcer Who would have thought, the benefits of bitter honey the other is to treat ulcers especially when a troubling symptom such as pain and nausea appear. Eating black honey regularly can reduce the discomfort ulcer patients. In fact, it can help nourish the digestive system of a person.
  3. Eliminate black spots on face In addition to health, the benefits of bitter honey can also to disguise even eliminate black spots or black spots on the face. The trick is to apply black honey two times a week on the face. Slowly, the dark spots will fade.
  4. Relieve asthma Eating black honey also can treat asthma and lung problems other. Indeed, the results are not instant, but black honey could be an option for patients with asthma.

As a note, if You do have a certain disease, do not replace the treatment of a doctor with the black honey on this alone, because the treatment of the doctor is also important. If you want to start eating honey black, choose a really natural and proven original.

Black honey safe to eat each day better mixed with other drinks or drinkable. Black honey a lot and easy to find in Indonesia, so the more likely it can consume black honey and get improved.

Black friday 2021 date is 5 November 2021 – 29 November 2021

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